THE MOLICE [ Yuzuru ( Guitar ) , Rinko ( Vocal & Rhythm Guitar ) ,Hirofumi Katsumoto”Paro” (Drum) ]


【About THE MOLICE 】  ※ 日本語は英語の下にあります。

THE MOLICE is a very active dance-core band from Tokyo,
and now based in Buffalo, NY in the states.

While many Japanese bands are the product of management hired producers and stylists, THE MOLICE are the band’s own unique brew of rock. Drawing inspiration from 70’s punk’s DIY spirit, 80’s new wave stylish power pop and 90’s unchained indies guitar rock, the band has hammered out their own sound.

The name draws on a number of musical inspirations as well- The Police, and the “mo” of Jim Morrison, Mo Tucker, and Morissey.

The band cites Pixies, The Police, and The Doors as their main inspirations, but incorporate elements of rock”n roll, classical, dance, shoegaze,and post-hardcore as well.
Listening to the range of music on albums challenges fans to completely define THE MOLICE style.

THE MOLICE was formed in 2007 by the charismatic female singer/rhythm guitarist Rinko, high tension guitarist Yuzuru. Just 6 months after coming THE MOLICE were invited to play Summer Sonic, one of Japan’s biggest festivals. After a year of polishing our material playing Tokyo’s numerous rock venues, THE MOLICE made a recorded debut in November 2008 with their album ‘Doctor Ray’. The album quickly drew attention amongst Japanese rock fans, and surprisingly, substantial acclaim from abroad. The singles “White Vertigo”, “Ms. Panic” and “Headphone” found THE MOLICE way into rotation on numerous US college radio stations.
The CD sold briskly in the States via CD Baby and the music video “Headphone” received airplay on Japan’s Space Shower and France’s NOLIFE TV programs. In the wake of their debut album THE MOLICE also received the first offer to play abroad, and did a short UK tour in late 2009.

THE MOLICE sophomore effort ‘Catalystrock’ was released in March 2010, with the lead track “Monster” and “Romancer”, which had a clever video shot in Shinjuku, drawing the most attention. Soon after its release, THE MOLICE made their TV debut, appearing on Fox Japan’s “Backstage Pass.” THE MOLICE were also again invited overseas, and played Vietnam’s C.A.M.A. festival and headlined Atlanta’s Anime Weekend.

THE MOLICE videos also helped draw attention to the music, and picked up play in Japan and in far away places like Malaysia and the States. THE MOLICE album also caught the attention of Good Charamel Records (owned by Robby Takac ,Goo Goo Dolls), who released the album in North America. Since their beginning, the band has had a high percentage of foreigners amongst their fans.

Singer/ lyricist Rinko sings primarily in Japanese, in melodic rock style, not in the high and whiny voice that is typical of much Japanese pop. Her lyrics are often romantic, but sometimes also venture into sci-fi. While she is a classically trained pianist, on stage she supplies big chunky rhythm guitar.

THE MOLICE East/West hybrid sound has a wide appeal being both catchy and edgy. THE MOLICE continue to gain fans worldwide, and have been profiled on MTV’s Iggy site, received radio airplay in the Philippines and Australia, and were invite a second time to play in Vietnam, where the videos have also appeared on Yan TV.

Meanwhile THE MOLICE have been writing and recording their much anticipated third release, ‘Neugravity’ in 2012. The album retains our raw rock sound punctuated by clever hooks, and lyrically goes deeper sci-fi, like Blade Runner.

In 2014 THE MOLICE release their 4th album “Resonance Love” through crowd funding support. They received strong supportfrom not only Japan,The States, Canada, England, France, Spain ,Russia, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Australia…all over the world.

In 2015 Good Charamel Records released CD only version including 2 exclusive remixes entitled “Resonance Love +”  “RiverS” video was painted by photographs of rivers delivered from fans all over the world, and it has become a wonderful work that matched the beautiful sound.

In Summer of 2015 they have made great changes. New drummer Hirofumi “Paro” Katsumoto joined THE MOLICE. And the band sound evolved more powerfully!

THE MOLICE released their album “5” on June 11th, 2016 worldwide. The first album we recorded outside of Japan, The North American version of the album includes a bonus track, a cover of “Bring on the Night” by The Police.

In late 2016 THE MOLICE finished tracking an EP entitled “SIGNS” which was September 8, 2017 and visited the US for a string of dates across the Northeast promoting this new release. “SIGNS” was released physically Worldwide December 1st.

They have described “SIGNS” as the pop side of THE MOLICE.
Many videos are also made from this work. Each video are showing their playfulness, performance style, Si-Fi, and THE MOLICE’s unique world view.

THE MOLICE spent the Summer of 2017 recording a new album in the US for release in 2018.
And in 2018’ Spring THE MOLICE back to US for touring again.

THE MOLICE keep their activity with the overwhelming performance and the sounds like Alternative / Post-hardcore/ Dance-core.

“Molice aims for being something out of the film Blade Runner, with a new wave, rock’n’roll sound.”– Time Out

“Taking in the angular riffs of the Pixies, the dancefloor grooves of CSS, the odd Johnny Marr guitar flourish, dry female vocals and little pinches of shoegaze, rockabilly and soul, Molice’s sound is at once complex yet spare. Their new album, Catalystrock, is darkly thrilling.” – Metropolis

“Influences range from The Doors, Pixies and The Police to 1950s rock’n’roll, with the diverse elements fusing nicely together to form their distinctive solid sound.” – The Japan Times

“A fresh, fierce, fun sound.” – Neo

“With lyrics and music created by frontlady Rinko, MOLICE has created a unique sound that is quickly gaining them popularity.” – JaME

東京から世界へ。様々なアイデアを発信中の音楽グループ  THE MOLICE。
2007年結成。結成半年で国内最大級の音楽フェスティバル「サマーソニック07」に出演。THE MOLICEのサウンドは、「VERY Original」という言葉とともに結成当初から国内外の注目を集める。

 1stアルバム『Doctor Ray』で、アメリカのレーベルGOOD CHARAMEL RECORDSのオーナー、ロビー・テイキャック氏(Goo Goo Dolls)に認められ契約、全米デビューを果たす。2010年には2ndアルバム『Catarystrock』、2012年には『NEUGRAVITY』をリリース。その独自のサウンド、SF的な世界観は海外からも高く評価された。
 常に新しいことに挑戦し、2013年には周囲に先駆けてクラウドファンディングによるアルバム制作にチャレンジ。世界に向けてアルバム制作資金を募り、その結果日本を含めた10カ国を超える世界中のファンからのサポートを得て、4thアルバム『Resonace Love』を制作した。
 2015年、メンバー交代を経て、渡米。アメリカ・N.Y州バッファローにて、ロビー・テイキャック氏プロデュースによりレコーディングを行う。 2016年、5thアルバム『FIVE』をリリースするとともに、再び渡米しレコーディングを行う。2015年、2016年にはアメリカ・バッファローで開催されたロビー氏主催のアートフェスティバル「Music is Art 」に出演した。