THE MOLICE ROOM just started!

“THE MOLICE Room” is new playlist on YouTube.
We are going to talk about ourselves, music, etc… 

This time;
The Story about the three years THE MOLICE spent in Japan The story about THE MOLICE new album “Pre/Pro Series” release.

YouTubeで、「THE MOLICE Room」という新しい再生リストを作りました。
今回は、2020年〜2022年の 日本での3年間のお話と新作アルバムのお話です。

[ THE MOLICE are releasing Albums of “Pre/Pro” series three months in a low ! ]


THE MOLICE will release three albums of songs released in the past year.
They will be available at THE MOLICE’s bandcamp.

————————- ——————
December 2022 : 1st release “Pre/Post – PROTOTYPES”
January 2023 : 2nd release “Pre/Post – (title TBD)”
February 2023 : 3rd release “Pre/Post – (title TBD)”
————————- ——————

These are the records of rough sound recordings that we have recorded and released by ourselves since our return to Japan in 2020, starting from the point of preparing the instrumental equipment.
They are also records of our struggle in the midst of the pandemic.
We were unable to meet with you directly, so all we could do was compose and produce music.
These activities had a great impact on THE MOLICE’s activities in the future.
We hope you will enjoy them with us.


In December, we will release “Pre/Post – PROTOTYPES”.
It will be available at THE MOLICE’s Bandcamp.
This is a collection of prototypes of new songs that THE MOLICE has been releasing on Youtube for the past year.This is a collection of new songs recorded in a one-shot process. It also includes unreleased songs.

● December 25, 2022 “Pre/Post – PROTOTYPES”
 (10 digital sound sources, $10)
  Available on Bandcamp after December 25 (Japan time).
  *No pre-order is necessary.

●”Pre/Post – PROTOTYPES” special set
 The first special set will be available until December 31, 2022.
 *Reservations are required as the product will be sold on a made-to-order basis.

About the delivery of the products :
Digital sound recordings will be delivered to your e-mail address
from the release date (December 25).

Other goods will be shipped sequentially from January after the order is completed.

Set contents :
 ◇”Pre/Post – PROTOTYPES” digital sound library
 ◇”Pre/Post – PROTOTYPES” cassette tape (handmade)
 ◇”Pre/Post” goods
   T-shirts ・Badges ・Stickers・Postcard (with signature) 

Set price : $50 (excluding shipping)

Reservation Period : December 13, 2022 – December 31, 2022

●If you have any questions, please contact us at


[ THE MOLICE 3ヶ月連続アルバム ”Pre/Post”シリーズ リリース !!! ]

THE MOLICEがこの1年間で発表してきた曲を中心に3枚のアルバムにしてリリースします。
THE MOLICEのbandcampで販売します。

2022年12月 第一弾 『 Pre/Post “PROTOTYPES” 』
2022年1月 第二弾 『 Pre/Post “(タイトル未定)” 』
2022年2月 第三弾 『 Pre/Post “(タイトル未定)” 』

今後のTHE MOLICEの活動に大きな影響を与える活動となりました。


12月は『 Pre/Post “PROTOTYPES” 』をリリースします。
THE MOLICEのbandcampで販売します。
THE MOLICEがこの1年間、Youtubeで発表してきた新曲のプロトタイプ(試作)音源。

● 2022年12月25日 『 Pre/Post “PROTOTYPES” 』
(デジタル音源 10曲入り $10)

●『 Pre/Post “PROTOTYPES” 』スペシャルセット

 ◇『 Pre/Post “PROTOTYPES” 』デジタル音源
 ◇『 Pre/Post “PROTOTYPES” 』カセットテープ(handmade)
 ◇『 Pre/Post 』グッズ
 ご予約期間: 2022年12月13日~ 2022年12月31日