Message from fans in 2014

So what does MOLICE’s music mean to me…?
Of all the music I listen to, no-one sounds like MOLICE.
The songs are often warm, and heartfelt, and other times full of high energy funk that makes you want to get up and dance.
MOLICE play a special kind of pop music where there are no language barriers. Rinko’s voice is soothing to the soul
and so, like all the best Japanese music, it does not matter if you do not understand the words!
But the best thing about MOLICE songs is that they make it so easy to ‘zone-out’.
They transport you to another World with their sound, where the cool people lose their minds and dance the days and nights away together!
– Pete

Molice made me fall in love with music again.
– Jason

I first heard your music a few years ago back in England, from the website .  After listening to just a few seconds I knew immediately that I loved your sound, so bought both your albums then. Molice has a really unique sound, very catchy songs and Rinko has a great voice that suits the music. At that time, my favourite songs were Into You and Headphone. I also remember downloading your music videos from Youtube.
After I came to Japan, I sometimes looked in Tower Records for any new releases, so I was very happy when I saw on your website you had a new album last year. My favourite song from Neugravity is Control Control. Finally I had a chance to see you live this year at Heaven’s Door. As I expected, you are just as good live as on your albums! I’m looking forward to seeing you play live again (please play in Tokyo on a Sunday or Monday as those are my days off! (-_^))
I think Rinko is the coolest and sexiest singer in Japan, and good at calligraphy too from your letter! It’s a shame that most people prefer crap like A*B48 and will never listen to music like yours (T_T)
Oh, and nice English! Especially Takashi’s letter! You should try writing a song in English next time! I’m sure you can get more foreign supporters then!
Good luck in the future and I’m eagerly waiting for your new album! 
– Duncan

– のぶトロニック

– K

– コンドルパンチ