Release for Noto Peninsula Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance

On January 1 of this year, a major earthquake hit Japan.
Many areas were affected by this disaster, especially the Noto region has been severely damaged.

Rinko, the singer of THE MOLICE, is from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.
On the day of the earthquake, she was in her hometown Kanazawa and experienced the massive quake.
Many of her acquaintances and relatives were affected in the Noto region and are still forced to live as evacuees.

We, THE MOLICE, had moved our own base of activities to Buffalo, USA to do our music activities until the pandemic happened in 2020. It was a strange coincidence for Rinko, who is from Kanazawa, that Buffalo is a sister city of Kanazawa and has had a close relationship and interaction with Kanazawa for decades.

Immediately after witnessing the earthquake and tsunami, we thought about what we could do to help the affected areas and came up with the idea of writing a charity song to support them. We shared the idea with our label owner, Robby Takac, and he immediately agreed. He suggested we collaborate with a local Buffalo band, Letter to Elise. We quickly wrote a song, played it, sent it to him, Robby and Letter to Elise added their sound and song to our sound at GCR Studios in Buffalo, and the song was complete.

The cover jacket for this song is an old stamp artwork by Rinko’s grandmother and Kanazawa artist, Toki Kasahara. It depicts the beautiful Hakusan Mountains in Ishikawa Prefecture. Although she is already deceased, she left many excellent artworks.

The current situation in the affected areas is very serious.
The purpose of this project is to support the victims.

We were able to put our thoughts into this form with the cooperation of many people, transcending borders and time. We sincerely hope that by collecting your support through this song and delivering it to the affected areas, even a small contribution will help in the recovery and support efforts.

We are accepting donations at the following website.
We plan to start selling the song on March 8.
More details will be announced as they become available.